He is the founder and owner of Aquatiks.
He is a dive industry professional the with the most complete cursus ever (distribution, manufacturing, marketing, development …) as well as a dive education professional with the highest qualifications (Recreational and Technical diving).
He has also been an outstanding diver for almost 35 years and an exceptional teacher (training divers and instructors) for more than 20 years.


Born in 1967 in Dijon, a French national, he divides his time between Nice (France), Rapallo (Italy) and Moscow (Russia).

Florent is a top international trade and marketing graduate. He is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (E.S.C.) and in 1993 received a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Alabama.

He then served for almost 2 years as an Officer in the French Army (Lieutenant) based in the French Caribbean. He was of course responsible for the military diving club during his spare time.

Florent is a sharp but empathic leader with significant experience – and strong growth results in commercial marketing and sales, both for leading multinationals and directly involved in the management of domestic accounts as well as Key Accounts, Subsidiaries and independent Distributors.

After a first experience with Decathlon, he joined the Mares Group 20 years ago (1996) as the European Business Developer and Product Manager of the Sporasub brand, when the brand was acquired and he held this position for almost 6 years.He then worked for Beuchat International in Marseille – France (2002) for almost 4 years as France and Export Marketing and Sales Manager.

Lately, he held the function for 4 years of E.ME.A. Dive Division Manager at Aqualung France (2007), based in Nice, then the following 4 years as Global Dive Business Line Manager for Aqua Lung International – Vista CA, directly responsible – globally – for the strategy, product range, competitive intelligence and overall performance of Aqualung for diving.

Florent M. LOCATELLI joined Mares again in Rapallo on December 1st, 2014 as Head of Product Management to create and then have global complete responsibility for the Mares│XR range.

His main strengths are leadership, building up and management of teams, establishment and development of business flows – coupled with strong communication skills (multilevel and multi-cultural).

He speaks French, English, an acceptable Spanish and actively learns Russian and Italian.

Scuba diver since the age of 16, Florent the rest of his time is – of course – a professional Trainer with the highest possible trainer qualifications:

  • PADI Course Director – EFR Instructor Trainer – DSAT Tec Instructor Trainer
  • SDI – TDI Instructor Trainer – Nitrox to Adv Trimix, Helitrox, DIR, Full cave, Sidemount, Technical DPV, O2 Service Tech, Gas Blender – Rebreather: Inspiration , Evolution, Megalodon, MK6 & 7, JJCCR, Optima, Submatix
  • SSI Instructor Trainer and SSI XR Technical Instructor Trainer
  • PSAI Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD Instructor – CMAS Instructor ***

And finally too: Commercial Diver – INPP Scaphandrier 2B

Florent, one of the precursors of technical diving in France, created in 2000 one of the first technical diving schools in France: Aquatiks, of which he is still the owner but no longer directly manages.

With the school, he undertook the exploration of the deep wrecks of Mediterranean and founded 2 Teams of divers: Triade and then Pythéas, who discovered and explored more than 25 wrecks in the depth area of more than sixty meters.

To name a few, he discovered nd was the first to dive, during the last 15 years, some of the most famous and renowned deep wrecks of the French coast:

  • the Protée submarine – 130m off La Ciotat,
  • the Natal – 120m,
  • the Guyane/Niedersachsen – 110m,
  • the Bananier – 100m,
  • the Sally of New York,
  • the Stella,
  • the Phoebus,

and again, four years ago, le Maréchal Canrobert (120m) off the port of Marseille.

He has dived some of the most renowned submarine caves and submerged mines in the world. To name a few:

  • Emergence du Ressel, Landenouze, Marche-Pied, Saint Georges, Saint-Sauveur, Trou Madame, Cabouy, Pouymessens, Font del Truffe, Bestouan, Sormiou, Saint-Cézaire … Opéra de Paris… in France
  • Devil’s Eye and Ear Ginnine Spring, Peackok Spring, Manatee Spring, Little River Spring, Crystal River Spring … in Florida-USA,
  • Dos Ojos and Sac Aktun system, Angelita, Chac Mool system, The Pit, Pet Cemetary, Blue Abyss … in Mexico,
  • Ordinskaya in Russia,
  • Ojamo limestone mine in Finland,

He is the author of many articles on the subject in many international magazines, newspapers and websites.

Although he no longer teaches activly and full-time recreational diving, Florent remains a very active diver in technical diving, underground/cave or rebrebreathers as well as an active Instructor Trainer in technical diving, especially mixed gas rebreathers, deep wrecks and full cave.

He is always looking for a new cave or a new deep unexplored wreck … but also any form of diving a little exceptional, wherever !