Our Commitments

Formation haut de gamme

Nous nous engageons à ce que le Course Director ou l’Instructor Trainer (selon le cours choisi) lui-même vous fasse cours et non des Assistants plus ou moins qualifiés pendant que ce premier est au bar ou sur internet…. Et si nous donnons l’opportunité à des Assistants en formation d’enseigner, le Course Director ou l’Instructor Trainer (selon le cours choisi) est toujours présent (supervision directe) dans la salle de cours.

Nous travaillons en partenariat avec les meilleurs structures qualifiées et approuvées par les organismes de formations.

Quality of the courses

We respect the standards without any compromise. We train you to get your certifications but also to be excellent professionals. We are committed to offering you every chance of success!

No discount courses in noisy and unsuitable passage places, no hours and hours of car and 50 kilometers to go by day to reach the sea, no private pool at the bottom of the garden …

Language practiced

We are committed to ensuring that all courses are conducted in one language only: in French, or in English and only in this language (no multi-language courses) and that all course materials should be in the same language (when they are available within the training organizations themselves).

VIP hosting services

We are committed to offering you accommodation services – hotels or lodgings – professional and quality, which will allow you to work and relax in the best conditions and at unbeatable prices.

No garden tool shed of 15m2 fitted out for 4 or 6 and heated by gas, no dormitory of 50 to listen to the neighbor snoring while inhaling the smell of his socks, and no “plans” in the house of neighbors left in holidays…

Clear quote and “all inclusive”

We are committed to offering you a high-end training at the best value for money on the market. Our quotes are firm and detailed and everything is included. Do your research, add, subtract and multiply … and make your choice!

There is no hidden cost, no “last minute” supply, no bad surprises that double the bill.


We are committed to making as much effort as you will to make your training successful: small group, “one to one”, personalized help … That being so we can not work for you, but if you Play the game, you will be part of the 98% of our students who have succeeded so far.


Our training is qualified, our students recognized and respected. They are said to have been “well trained” and therefore: they are hired …
We have a network of international contacts and knowledge that allows us to connect our students with employers dice their certification. We are committed to your benefit.

Be the winner and opt for the best training!