AQS 100X DIN First Stage

AQS 100X DIN First Stage


Unique Balanced Piston First Stage with optimized Work Of Breathing
Precision-made and state-of-the-art designed, suitable to work under most demanding conditions wherever most demanding divers dare to explore
Simplicity, durability, reliability, ultra-fast breathing response, instant delivery of air on demand, very high air flow with the same intermediate pressure regardless of tank pressure

Intermediate Pressure: 140~145 PSI
2 High Pressure (HP) Ports (7/16″-20 UNF)
– Full body built-in 280b/4000Psi
5 Low Pressure (LP) Ports (3/8″-24UNF)
Swiveling Turret for 4 LP Ports
5th in line port

Extreme performance first stage for:
– deep diving down to 250m (smooth and easy breathing)
– very long dives
– multi gas mix diving (Air, He, Nitrox up to 40%, etc…)
– cold water and winter diving
– cave diving
– scootering or drift/current/flow diving

Perfect first stage for:
– backmount (single tanks and twinsets)
– stage and travel configuration
– sidemount configuration

Non-CE first stage can be used worldwide but not purchased in Europe