AQS XAD Cold Second Stage

AQS XAD Cold Second Stage


Pneumatically Balanced Second Stage with optimized Work Of Breathing
Cracking effort
and Venturi adjustment/control
New comfort A+ mouthpiece

Extreme performance second stage for:
deep diving down to 250m (smooth and easy breathing)
– very long dives (light and no jaw fatigue)
multi gas mix diving (Air, He, Nitrox up to 40%, etc…)
cold water and winter diving
cave diving
scootering or drift/current/flow diving

Perfect second stage for:
– backmount (single tanks and twinsets)
stage and travel configuration
sidemount configuration

Perfect for dry gloves diving:
– Large, easy to locate/operate purge button
– Easy-to-grip openning / cracking effort control/adjustment knob
– Large, easy grip lever for Venturi adjustment and control, easy to locate/operate

CE EN 250