Aquatiks TEK:

  • Closed circuit: AP Buddy Inspiration & Evolution: Air Diluent, Decompression, Mixed Gas,
  • Tek specialties: O2 service technician, Nitrox gas blender, Technical DPV, Intro To DIR,
  • Open circuit: Nitrox or EANx, Adv. Nitrox or Adv. EANx, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range, Trimix, Adv. Trimix, Heliox & Helitrox,
  • Cave: Cavern, Intro to cave, Full cave, Sump, Cave Sidemount, Stage cave, DPV cave, Underwater cave surveying,

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Aquatiks LEISURE:

  • High end training,
  • Highest quality of teaching,
  • Classes proposed in several foreign languages,
  • VIP accomodations and logistics,
  • Clear and all inclusive proposals,
  • Key to success formula
  • Job placement,

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Aquatiks PRO:

Our core business is to help and accompany you on your domestic or international markets:

  • Consulting, coaching and expertise,
  • Product and market development,
  • Distribution: creation, management, optimization,
  • Dive centers creation,
  • Points of sales/Pro shops creation,
  • Turn key project management,
  • Marketing and comunication advising,

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More than 35 years of experience in diving and more than 25 years of experience in teaching diving
Gathered by the Training Manager and Founder of Aquatiks and CEO of Aquatiks S.A., we are a collective of French and European trainers and Instructor trainers - among the most qualified in Europe - teaching together in a non-commercial structure. We take care of your training up to the highest levels in recreational diving and technical diving as well as all the training organization and requirements. Nous regroupons - en tant que prestataires - des centres de plongve partenaires triés et sélectionnés pour correspondre aux standards d'enseignement mondiaux. Worldwide, we take care of the training logistics as well as all your accomodation and food services.

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The best prices

The best prices :

we are on a permanent watch to ensure you the best pricing conditions, in absolute respect of safety and training standards..

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The best results :

100% success in our courses thanks to a personalized, friendly and well adapted approach, only in small groups, in confidence and with a proven pedagogy.

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The best Trainers

The best Trainers :

quality of teaching, respect for standards, enthusiasm, expertise and experience are some of the characteristics of our trainers.

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